About us

We have been active in the short term insurance industry for over 20 years.
Our managing director has been active in the IT and electronic industry and has supplied various repair and replacement services to the short term insurers for many years
Our technical director/engineer is experienced in electromechanical engineering, electronics and IT and was head technical assessor for one of the major short term insurers. He was also chairman of the SAIA technical evaluation committee. He was technical director of the vehicle Security Association and was instrumental in the formulation of both the VESA level 3/4 security specifications as well as the security barrier specifications.
All our assessing and administration staff are experts in their fields and provide excellent standards of service and professionalism.


We have our own logistic and planning division which is based along with our IT laboratory at the University of Johannesburg. They are responsible for the planning of collections and deliveries of items to and from insurer's clients.
All our drivers and helpers wear identification tags and are trained to perform collections and deliveries according to strict procedures and protocols. We have various vehicles ranging from Hyundai trucks for local and long distance collections to 4X4 vehicles for onsite assessments in farming and remote areas.

Laboratories and equipment

We have various laboratories which specialize in diagnostics and repairs. They are equipped with the latest diagnostic equipment and the technicians are trained on an ongoing basis to ensure quality and accuracy of work.

Training and information

We believe in ongoing training of all our staff and partners. We also believe in disseminating information with all our partners and have formulated practical guides to assist insurers as well claim handlers.


We utilize  an online tracking and communication portal where administrator, handlers, loss adjusters and brokers can submit requests. Thereafter, each time the status of a request changes, the handler etc will receive an email communication on the status, thereby reducing the need to phone various providers to receive updates on repairs etc.
Our assessors also utilize tablet computers to perform onsite assessments and reports which are immediately uploaded to our cloud storage and updated to the tracking system. This reduces the turnaround time for completing claims.